November 2015

The GK Olympiad

You see I have participated in a GK (General Knowledge) Olympiad which is held in my school annually. For practise I also bought a question paper booklet of the Olympiad. But if I had known what was in the booklet  I would have never bought it, because it is filled with 400 super hard MCQs  (Multiple Choice Questions). The answers are at the back of the booklet but since my Mom is with me when I study for the competition she won’t let me even peek at the answers.

The competition is going to be held on 1/20/16, so I am just going to pray for 2 things:

  1. I will be prepared for the competition by 1/20/16.
  2. In the competition they only ask questions which are in the booklet.

The good thing is that on 20th November me, Mom and Dad are going to Goa! So, I can finally put this GK business behind me.


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