November 2015

Art work and the Internet Defence League

Yesterday the principal of our school asked me to bring a note from my parents confirming that I only had quit from the school drama  because I was missing my classes. My parents were furious because THEY thought that there was no need for a note from them, so my Mom wrote this on the bottom of the note:

This note has been written because of the the requirements of the school and has no other intention.

Imagine that with a angry face if you can. So, I took the note to my school today and showed it to my class teacher. She said that I had to participate in something so me and my friend( who had also brought a note today) went for Art work (creating props for drama). Today we spent the day making leaves out of newspapers for a jungle scene.

I joined the internet defence league yesterday but I couldn’t find the email from their site. I finally found it today in my spam folder. I also added the Internet Defence League’s Shield Badge to my sidebar today. Those who are interested in joining the Internet Defence League should visit: Make sure the internet never loses. Ever. The Internet Blackout was just the beginning.


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