December 2015

Catching up and Comic Con is coming to Pune!

Yeah so here we are again, me typing this post and you reading it. I am really sorry for not writing a post last week. Went to Nashik a city near Pune on Sunday for my little sister’s  “barsa” or naming ceremony. It took a hell of a lot time to get home, exactly 7 hours! I finished one of my Faster Fenay books “Chakrivadalat Faster Fenay” which is pretty awesome.

Yeah so I am going to a movie named “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli” which is a pretty good musical movie. And the most awesome news: Comic Con is coming to Pune for the first time in Feb 2016!!! This is going to be a Comic Con Express meaning a travelling Comic Con. And from 2017 a full blown a two day event!

I also have started a comic collection in my Classmate Pulse notebook in which I paste comics from the newspaper everyday. These comics are Redeye, Dilbert, Jumpstart, Frank and Earnest, Pearls before Swine and possibly Ferd”Nand. That’s all for today readers catch you next time on my new post!


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