February 2016


Some of you might have noticed as reading this post that I changed my public display name from wonderstruck2468 to LuckWearer2468. I’ll tell you why I did that, because out of a thousand people I am the most lucky person and because I like The Hobbit. I also changed my blog’s tagline from Stay tuned for new posts! to Just an blog of an twelve year old kid. Impressed yet?. I did that because there not many 12 year old kids smart enough to start their own blog.

Bought the season 1 of the TV series Sherlock. The series features a modern day Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Downloaded a game called Poptropica on my smartphone yesterday. It is filled with lots of awesome quests! A little over 40MB. That’s it for now guys. I will publish a post soon.

December 2015


Today I got 3 more essays of English today. I am crushed. I have to complete 1 letter, 2 essays, 1 assignment and 1 art page today. My school has organised a personality development workshop smack-dab in the middle of the Christmas Vacations!! I am not going spend 400 rupees on a workshop and I am going to live at my row house for the vacations so even if I wanted to go  (Which I don’t) I couldn’t go. I guess I had better get started with my essays…