January 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to y’all! Went to the concert today at 6 am. It was AMAZING!! Those guys were really awesome singers. The guys who played the tabla, taal and harmonium did a really good job. On the dark side of this post, tomorrow school starts and after being laid back for more than a week its going to be tough to adjust to school again.


December 2015

Officially 12!

It was my birthday on the 13th!! Now I am officially 12. For my birthday gift Mom bought the book “30 years of laughs and Lasagna” I is a book which celebrates 30 years of the Garfield comic strip. It is an awesome book! Mom also bought me the autobiography of Abdul Kalam “Wings of Fire”.We also went to watch the movie “Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie” on my birthday and I also ate a big pizza at Domino’s. School has now started the periods again since the gathering is over. I have got 2 Assignments, 1 Project, 3 Essays and 1 activity sheet already. This Term is starting to look pretty hectic by now.

December 2015

Catching up and Comic Con is coming to Pune!

Yeah so here we are again, me typing this post and you reading it. I am really sorry for not writing a post last week. Went to Nashik a city near Pune on Sunday for my little sister’s  “barsa” or naming ceremony. It took a hell of a lot time to get home, exactly 7 hours! I finished one of my Faster Fenay books “Chakrivadalat Faster Fenay” which is pretty awesome.

Yeah so I am going to a movie named “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli” which is a pretty good musical movie. And the most awesome news: Comic Con is coming to Pune for the first time in Feb 2016!!! This is going to be a Comic Con Express meaning a travelling Comic Con. And from 2017 a full blown a two day event!

I also have started a comic collection in my Classmate Pulse notebook in which I paste comics from the newspaper everyday. These comics are Redeye, Dilbert, Jumpstart, Frank and Earnest, Pearls before Swine and possibly Ferd”Nand. That’s all for today readers catch you next time on my new post!

November 2015

The last day of vacation

So, today is the  last day of the Diwali vacation and from tomorrow my second term of 6th grade starts. I came back from Goa yesterday. You won’t believe whom I met on the flight back from Goa! I met Dr. Vithal Kamat! He owns and has created the Vithal Kamat’s restaurants you see on Indian highways and he also owns the Orchid chain of hotels and many more!He was sitting next to my father on the flight. It was a Spice Jet Bombardier. In a bombardier there are rows of two seats on each side of the plane. On the left row me and Mom were sitting and on the right Dr. Vithal Kamat and Dad were sitting. Pretty awesome right!? Here is a doodle I created of where we were sitting.DSC_0006[1]

Yeah it will give you a pretty fair idea of how we were sitting. I was just preparing my backpack for tomorrow when I thought about writing this post. Yeah, so tomorrow is my first day of second term. You know for the first time I am feeling happy about going back to school because I can meet my friends and because this like all vacations (for me) has been boring because I have exactly zero friends in my neighbourhood. So I hope that tomorrow is a good day.